Castle Hotels for New Years in Italy 2018

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View Of Mountains from Castle Hotel Fortress Monastery Santo Spirito

New Years 2018 in Italy

Special Offer for a Romantic Retreat in a Castle Hotel

What better way to celebrate New Year’s eve than surrounded by the ancient walls of one of the most prestigious residences of the Italian midlands.
Here at Monastero Santo Spirito we take pride in offering you only the best products and services the area has to offer. Let yourself be amazed by the splendid sceneries and the uncontaminated surroundings.

Santo Spirito is easily reachable although away from the noise and confusion: nestled in the mountains of L’Aquila, you’ll be looked after by Cristina and Gianluca who run this unique, charming Hotel.

The offer “not the usual New Year’s Eve in Italy” includes:

  • Complimentary welcome appetisers;
  • 3 nights in one of our double rooms completely furnished with Clarin accessories and Valrhona chocolates;
  • Breakfast buffets (x3 mornings), with fragrant croissant, fresh and dried fruit, cereals, 100% bio juices, freshly baked bread, a wide selection of teas and infusions, coffee and exquisite cakes and sweets made by Monastero Santo Spirito;
  • Dinner (x2 nights) with our traditional menu which includes: appetisers, a two course dinner, fruit and sweets, unique Torrone made in L’Aquila and Montepulciano wine and beverages (also included);
  • A Grand New Year’s Eve feast, accompanied by a gourmet menu created by Chef Marcello Spadone, our Michelin Star Chef, with wholesome lentils (in Italian tradition they are meant to bring good luck for the rest of the year), a Slow Food Presidia from Santo Stefano di Sessanio and beverages (also included);
  • Midnight toast under the magical night sky lit up by an impressive firework display;
  • A guided tour of our Fortress;
  • A coupon for discounted entrance at the nearby Grotte di Stiffe;

New Years In Italy 2018 Pricing

  • Package price per person is  € 380,00
  • Package price per person for bookings after December 10th  € 410,00

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Holiday breaks are an opportunity to leave behind stress and worries of a complicated life we are called to lead in this modern era of wired and seamless communications: this has greatly reduced time spent at home with family, especially with our lived one.

If on one side this has drastically increased our exposure to work and overall working hours, on the other hand less free time to manage means greater attention in choosing things to do: today we all point on the quality of time spent together rather than quantity.

 A toast to our love! - Foto © diego cervo -

A quiet getaway are what couples enjoy most – that opportunity to break free from the everyday routine of life and related stress to enjoy each other alone, away from the kids, just the 2 of you for some quality time in a Castle Hotel.

Santo Spirito - outdoor snapshot

Castle Hotels in Abruzzo fall in a category of their own, with centuries of history to tell Guests like yourself – ancient homes of the rich and famous, now romantic destinations for holidays, weekends, and honeymoons.

Today Castle Hotels are an attractive and romantic destination not only for their intrinsic historical value, but also for their unusual positions in exclusive locations which make them an unusual retreat for a top quality holiday.

 castle hotel

The Monastery of Santo Spirito is a Castle Hotel in Abruzzo, the first Cistercian settlement in the valley of L’Aquila. It was built in 1222 by Placido of Roio on an estate donated by Count Berardo of Ocre. After the founder’s death in 1248, the monastery came under the auspices of the Cistercian Order and the Convent of Santa Maria in Casanova, near Penne.

In 1330 it was already given in trust to the cardinals Maffeo and Francesco Barberini; in 1652 it was included in the list of the small monasteries abolished by Pope Innocent X.

The monastery is protected with high boundary walls which almost isolate it from the surrounding landscape. The internal space opens onto a square courtyard, originally a cloister and accommodating on each side, in the Cistercians convention, the church, the refectory, the dormitory and the chapter-room.

Today the Monastery of Santo Spirito is a castle hotel in Abruzzo , a charming and very romantic location with a majestic view of the Aquilano valley and the Gran Sasso mountain peak towering at just under 3.000 meters.

Fortress Monastery Santo Spirito - castle hotels of Italy in Abruzzo

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