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View Of Mountains from Castle Hotel Fortress Monastery Santo Spirito

Holidays are few and far apart in these modern days of real time communications, web and distance workers – technology has brought about some great innovations, many of which we cannot live without: the online world has become part of our everyday life, yet has greatly reduced the time we have to spend alone with ourselves and the ones we love most.

It is a fact of life that when something is not available we desire it the most – it’s not the low hanging fruit we seek but the distant pieces at the very top of the tree which are out of reach – time management has become important because of the scarcity factor, there isn’t much time to go around so we need be efficient and make the very best of that available.

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A quiet getaway are what couples enjoy most – that opportunity to break free from the everyday routine of life and related stress to enjoy each other alone, away from the kids, just the 2 of you for some quality time in a Castle Hotel.

Santo Spirito - outdoor snapshot

Castle Hotels offer the charm and beauty of bygone days, chambers and dungeons with centuries of history and thousands of stories to tell, ancient and noble family homes and estates transformed into special travel destinations to satisfy the quest for knowledge and learn ancient traditions and behaviors: we learn from our past and by doing so shed light on our future.

The reason for choosing a hotel for a romantic holiday is typically the position and location: Santo Spirito offers in both cases a position on a hillside in Ocre and is located just minutes from the motorway and a short drive from Rome.

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The Monastery of Santo Spirito is a Castle Hotel in Abruzzo, the first Cistercian settlement in the valley of L’Aquila. It was built in 1222 by Placido of Roio on an estate donated by Count Berardo of Ocre. After the founder’s death in 1248, the monastery came under the auspices of the Cistercian Order and the Convent of Santa Maria in Casanova, near Penne.

In 1330 it was already given in trust to the cardinals Maffeo and Francesco Barberini; in 1652 it was included in the list of the small monasteries abolished by Pope Innocent X.

The monastery is protected with high boundary walls which almost isolate it from the surrounding landscape. The internal space opens onto a square courtyard, originally a cloister and accommodating on each side, in the Cistercians convention, the church, the refectory, the dormitory and the chapter-room.

Today the Monastery of Santo Spirito is a castle hotel in LAquila , a charming and very romantic location with a majestic view of the Aquilano valley and the Gran Sasso mountain peak towering at just under 3.000 meters.

Fortress Monastery Santo Spirito - castle hotels of Italy in Abruzzo

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