Today the Monastery-Fortress is owned by the town of Ocre and has undergone
long restoration work that began in 1970 and was partially concluded in 2000.
At present, the Monastery is managed by the Monasterio society and is a perfect venue for cultural meetings as well as for leisurely touring, providing a modern use for such a prestigious historical site and returning to the original purpose of the internal areas.

[A] Church – [B] Chapel Sacristy – [C] Armarium – [D] Capitular Hall
[E] Auditorium – [F] Grand Hall / Hall of the monks – [G] Calefactorium
[H] Monks’ Refectory – [I] Refectory Pulpit – [L] Cloister – [M] Lavabo
[N] Kitchen – [O] Lay Brothers’ Refectory – P[] Dispensarium
[Q] Courtyard Entrance – [R] Tower – [S] Northern courtyard

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