Special Offers Fall 2012 – Boutique Castle Hotel in L’Aquila, only € 170,00

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View Of Mountains from Castle Hotel Fortress Monastery Santo Spirito

You reach home after a strenuous day at the office. As you get closer to home your thoughts reach out to her and the usual kiss good-bye before flying out the door.

You open the door … strange it’s not locked! She’s home … but she’s never home before me … the lights are out and there is a candle lit on the table. As I approach the table I can smell enticing aromas coming from the kitchen and and I see a bottle of wine open on the table with 2 glasses.

Before I can say a word I’m surprised by the warmth of her hands as they gently cover my eyes. She comes close to me and whisper in a wet tone of voice “I have a surprise for you baby – we’re going on a romantic week end to Italy and we’re going to start celebrating the event tonight … ”

Sounds like a dream? You can make this happen – it’s only a click away.

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A Romantic Holiday at the Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito

That’s right you’d be surprised to know just how simple and inexpensive a romantic getaway to one of the most beautiful natural areas of Europe can be.

Easy, Quick, Inexpensive

The Fortress Monastery of Santo Spirito is in Abruzzo, near L’Aquila and in Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, featuring the Gran Sasso d’Italia, the highest peak in the southern apennines at 3.000 meters of altitude.

The location is easily reachable from major European airports from Rome and Pescara, airports served by popular low cost carriers: in just over 2 hours you can fly to Italy and leave your fast paced life behind for a quiet, relaxed, informal and romantic holiday amidst the natural surroundings of the Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito.

Worried about public transport? Don’t – Car rental is available and there are very good sites offering cheap car rental making it easy to travel to and from the airport.

Your Romantic Holiday in a Castle Hotel

Book your stay at our unique Castle Hotel for an unforgettable stay. With just 12 rooms, you are sure to relax and enjoy each others company: walks along the numerous paths of the surrounding mountains, drives to the nearby villages, intimate candle light dinners …

The spectacular view of the mountains surrounding the Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito

This offer is valid until: end of november

A Dream Holiday for just € 170,00

Here is what we offer for just € 170,00 p.p.:

  • 2 night stay in a double room (includes buffet breakfast);
  • 2 dinners (including beverages) with typical dishes from the Aquilano Abruzzo region;
  • free entrance to the archeological museum ;
  • Possibilità di pernottamenti aggiuntivi con uno sconto del 10% sulle nostre tariffe.

Your Romantic Holiday in a Boutique Castle Hotel: €170,00

And of course the welcoming drinks are on us!

A different weekend, a fantastic opportunity to surprise your loved one

The perfect place for a romantic break, somewhere you’ve never been before but have always dreamed of…

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Contact us for further information on how we can make your stay unforgettable…

Monastero Fortezza Santo Spirito

Hotel Residenza e Dimora Storica di Santo Spirito – Ocre, L’Aquila a pochi minuti da L’Aquila e Facilmente raggiungibile da ogni parte d’Italia

Monastero Fortezza Santo Spirito - Castello e residenza storica

Email: info@monasterosantospirito.it

Ocre (L’Aquila),

Telefono: 0862.1965538
Fax: 0862.1960139

Latitudine: 42.51867517417283
Longitudine: 13.53790283203125

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